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About Kathy F. Bernick/Mediator

Kathy F. Bernick became a mediator following a general litigation practice beginning in 1980, concentrating on employment law from 1990-2016. Her practice included sexual harassment and discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, breach of contract and whistleblowing. Kathy F. Bernick is available to mediate all types of disputes related to employment law in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota area. Kathy F. Bernick is a good listener.


Loyola School California, JD 1979.
Admitted to law Practice of California 1979
University of Minnesota 1963, BA in Math w/Minor in Anthropology
Anthropology & One Year Graduate School in Math
After graduating from college Ms. Bernick worked as programmer systems analysis and senior engineer for a variety of aerospace companies. She has over 30 years of litigating employment and civil law cases.